Monday, June 7, 2010

Buz Sawyer

We drew this Buz Sawyer cover last week. It will be published on the October 2010 issue of Comics Revue. We love the old newspaper adventure strips and it's always fun to draw something like this, but it was an extra blast drawing this one because we both love the work of Buz's creator Roy Crane (1901-1977). He was the father of the adventure strip and a huge influence on our own work. When stuck for a solution an artist can never go wrong asking, "What Would Roy Crane Do?" (Click picture to see larger):


  1. Oh yeah, Roy Crane was a fantastic artist and cartoonist. A big influence on guys like Wally Wood and Alex Toth. I was always impressed by the way he could combine realistic drawing with bigfoot style cartooning and make it all work in Wash Tubbs and later in Buz Sawyer. You guys have done him proud. Nice work.

  2. Thanks, Charles. A couple of years ago we were hoping to do a comic book using the type of Duo-Shade board that Crane used for his B&W work, but apparently they don't make it any more. We were able to find some old scraps left over at an art store in Los Angeles, but we couldn't find enough for a 20 pg. comic. I know that we could get the same effect using a computer, but somehow it just wouldn't satisfying unless we could hold the duo-tone art in our hands. That's progress, I guess.