Friday, May 13, 2011

Hammer Time

Mark Finn and Chris Gruber, members of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association (REHupa), have edited a collection of stories and verse written by other current and former members of REHupa (which includes novelists James Reasoner and Charles Gramlich). The book will be available through, with proceeds benefiting Project Pride—the community organization which bought, restored, and continues to maintain the Robert E. Howard home in Cross Plains, Texas.

We're former members of REHupa, having joined back in the late '90s, so they asked us to create the cover.

(click on image to see larger)
The book will also be available at REH Days (June 10th & 11th).

Below is our pencil drawing for this picture:


  1. I love the rawness and energy in this piece. There is a real sense of tension and power in the pencils,!

  2. It's that moment of pausing -- just a moment -- before the hammer comes crashing down with that Mark VII Limited sound (only going to eleven.)

    (yeah, I can hear Keegan art)