Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Stuff!

We've recently completed another new dust jacket painting for the REH Foundation. This time it's Spicy Adventure

Here's how it will look on the cover of the finished book:

We painted the picture in M. Graham Oils on an 18 × 24" piece of Ampersand GessoBord primed with acrylic ultramarine-tinted Floetrol. For those interested in this sort of thing, we took a few pictures as we went along, showing a little of the process on the painting.

We'd like to thank our great model, Lizz—who also posed for our Weird Menace cover. Check out her work on Facebook. She's amazing!

Model Lizz!
Comic Con was a madhouse (what else is new). It turned out that, unfortunately, Ruth wasn't able to make it to San Diego this year, so I did the show all by my lonesome (well, except for Gary Gianni and the great guys from Madefire, who joined me at the booth).

Jim & Jordi!
I saw lots of brilliant art—including about a dozen original Frank Frazetta paintings that were on display for only 4 hours at a nearby Hard Rock Cafe. It was awesome ... and very weird to find them there, in the dark, at the back of a bar. I also met a lot of cool people, but without a doubt the highlight of the show for me was meeting one of my artist heroes—Jordi Bernet, who stopped by the booth! Yes, I gushed like the fan I am!

Torpedo! Drawn by Jordi Bernet

If you're not familiar with Mr. Bernet's work, give yourself a treat and check out one of the new Torpedo collections that IDW is publishing. The best of the best! —Jim