Wednesday, May 13, 2015

RIP: Glen Orbik

SKULL-FACE (click on image to enlarge)
We were shocked today to learn that artist Glen Orbik has passed away. We first met Glen back in the late 90s because we had a mutual friend who ran a tiny comic book shop out of his garage. Every Friday we'd run into Glen there and find ourselves caught up in hours long conversations about comics and illustration. He always struck us as a super-nice guy.

It wasn't until later that we really became familiar with his work. Glen was an amazing painter whose beautiful pictures graced the covers of so many comic books and Hard Case Crime paperbacks. Wow! Every new piece was better than the last. If you're not familiar with Glen's work, do yourself a favor and Google his name. It will knock your socks off.

In 2004, when we were choosing artists to do paintings for The Illustrated World of Robert E. Howard, we immediately thought of Glen, and asked if he would contribute a painting of Skull-Face. He did, and as usual, he hit it clear out of the park.

He was a great guy, a great painter, and far too young to leave us.

Our deepest sympathies to his family, his friends, and his partner, Laurel Blechman.

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