Thursday, April 28, 2016

Checking In

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This week we received our copies of the first two volumes in the new Masters of Science Fiction series from Centipede Press. These two hefty books (they're each thick as a brick) collect a trove of excellent work from Fritz Leiber and James Patrick Kelly. Centipede publisher, Jerad Walters, asked us to provide the wrap-around covers for both books, and suggested we could find a way to recall the whimsical graphic covers created by Alan Aldridge for Penguin's science fiction line back in the late 1960s. They're both excellent books (beautifully printed and bound), and we had a blast doing them, and Jerad tells us we can look forward to doing more!

In Adventures of Two-Gun Bob news -- for the final issue (#4) of Dark Horse Comics' tremendous mini-series, King Conan: Wolves Beyond the Border (Truman, Giorello, and Villarrubia are SO freaking great), our editor, Philip Simon, allowed us to have an entire page (rather than our standard half-page format) for that issue's Two-Gun Bob episode (our 225th). Apparently, our editors over on the upcoming and ongoing Conan series, Conan the Slayer (Aaron Walker and Rachel Roberts), liked what they saw, and asked us to start creating full-page strips on a regular basis! How cool is that?! Twice the 2GB in every issue starting with Conan the Slayer #1. We're stoked!

Cheer up, Bob, you're getting twice the space from now on!
Finally, we'll leave you with a small Batgirl drawing we did on a comic book backing board as part of a benefit for the Pittsburgh Toonseum -- one of only three comics museums in the USA!



  1. My copies of the Centipede Press books arrived a few days ago. I'd like to say they look even better in person (in book?) than they do in a picture. Great work. I'm glad you'll be doing more covers for Centipede.

  2. Thanks, Keith! You're right about those books looking best in person. Something about the size and paper texture on the cover is especially appealing.